Bags Made Out Of Bags Bottle Bag

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Bags Made Out of Bags is a project dedicated to combating the serious environmental problem we are facing as humanity with plastic consumption abuse. Recycled plastic bags are sourced to create beautiful designs before they reach our Mediterranean Sea.

Recycled plastic bags are created into thread and created by women who are currently in the process of social reintegration who continue to serve prison sentences. Bags Made out of Bags offers several workshops to teach these women the technique of weaving to provide opportunities for everyone. 

 HQHB Certified | HQHB certification is aware of the production process. We are aware of the environmental impact. 

Hours | 7

Bags Used | 9

Length | 10 CM

Height | 28 CM


Someone from BAGSMADEOUTOFBAGS@GMAIL.COM will contact you via email for your custom made bag made out of bags.