Interview with Danilo

So tell us, has being a hair stylist always been your way of expressing creativity?

Yes, since I was a child, I enjoyed styling my mother and sisters hair. It was always a fun game for me.

How sweet! We know the fashion world isn’t the easiest field to break into, how has your experience been?

Exactly, it hasn’t been easy. I started when I was 22 after realizing that working in a salon setting made me feel “caged in”, I couldn’t express myself the way I wanted. Therefore I started to look for contacts, shortly after I was called to work an event in Rome. From there it was a great way to showcase my work to others. But it hasn’t been easy to get to where I am now, I’ve had to work very hard in terms of marketing myself and collaborating.

I can imagine, do you think they are more open to diversity in Rome?

In New York you can find everything and anything, but here in Italy there is still much work to be done in terms of being open to diversity, I know that at times Italians can be close minded to certain things.

We spoke with model Jillian Mercado about the importance of diversity, she stressed that more people with disabilities should be featured on magazine covers as well as working behind the scenes.

Unfortunately, they are not in Rome, Italy is still in a “medieval” stage when it comes to this. Diversity in sex, body type and ethnicity are still not widely accepted here. Never the less we are in the 21st century. There are many people like me with Dwarfism that have insecurity issues due to the ignorance of others. Every day is a battle dealing with ignorance but I do it with my head held up high because I love myself and because my field is constantly a world where aesthetics are key. I am appreciated for my professionalism and talent. Therefore the judgement of ignorant people has little importance to me, I understand that unfortunately they are the ones limited not me. I would love a chance to experience New York, mostly because everyone is so free and open minded.

That is why you are such an inspiration, and what we would like others to see. Everyone has their differences and it shouldn’t be a reason holding anyone back from living their dreams. Any advice you can give to 1. People who feel uncomfortable with the differences of others? 2. People who are “different” and live in fear of being judged?

I would respond with this single thought. I think that if we are born, it is for a reason, for a purpose. That should already be the motivating reason as to why we should love our lives. No one should feel uncomfortable. Discomfort comes from being filled with ignorance. For example I have never felt uncomfortable, actually I’ve always thought to have a specific purpose in this life and I’ve obtained it. I’m surrounded by loving relationships, I work doing what I love, I’m 28 years old and I am a teacher. So before ever feeling “accused” by an ignorant person I look within myself and say “OK, I am fine. I do not need you!” I think everyone should do the same!

We could not have said it better, thank you! You're such a philosopher, we love it!

What do you hope to manifest in the coming months/ years as far as personal projects or work?

In the next few years I hope to live well, I’m not sure where, if that’s in Italy or abroad but never the less I want to be happy. Work wise I hope to establish myself even more into what I do. Hopefully curate the season look for a big fashion house and become a beauty ambassador for celebrity hair brand.


Amazing, we hope it all comes true. Anything else you would like to talk about? Your romantic life? Favorite dish? Or should we close here?

If that’s good enough for you, then it’s good  enough for me.


photography by Vanessa Francia

photography by Vanessa Francia 

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