Nourish Kitchen Table

October 13, 2013

Going out to eat in the city can be a sodium infused, sugar coated will call garnished with cholesterol, leaving one feeling bloated and zapped of energy- the exact opposite of how food should fuel you- and the negative impact doesn’t stop in your stomach. Although as a society we’ve noticeably matured our sustainable tactics within the past few years, quite a few businesses are sticking with the comfortable process of importing ingredients that could easily be found in their backyard. Marissa Lippert, a shining heroine of health, is committed to providing the dining scene with fresh, locally sourced foods subtly enhanced with her special touch of delicate seasoning. Pulling from experience as a dietitian, Lippert is well versed in the language of the body’s true needs, and opened Nourish as a nutritional haven for those who found themselves seeking the shared experience of eating in an upbeat, lively environment while maintaining a healthful mindset. The charming sunny space is curated with beautiful home accents and kitchenware, inviting the guest to feel comfortable as well as taken care of. With meals that not only satiate innate cravings, but respectfully revitalize the vessel that is our life’s utensil, Nourish is your go to kitchen away from home.

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