The Secret Souk

January 5, 2017

While wandering through the colorful souks (traditional markets) of Marrakesh or India or the magical Bazaars of Istanbul, did you imagine getting on a magic carpet and flying all the mesmerizing trinkets back home with you? Talented visionary duo Jasmine Hamed and Nicole Manfron did just that. From the authentic giant hand-carved wooden doors to tiny honey scented soaps, they transported their Marrakesh memories to a sun-lit Soho loft on Prince Street, and ‘Inshallah’, the first-ever Secret Souk was born.

Their vision began after Jasmine stayed at Nicole’s Airbnb riad in Marrakesh.  From the stunning details to the overall architecture of the home (add details that first attracted her), Jasmine knew she had to meet the mastermind behind the beautifully styled home. A few Moroccan mint teas later and a deluge of ideas, the two concepted The Secret Souk, an online marketplace featuring personally collected travel treasures at a reasonable price.

After a series of elaborate dinners that blended the best elements of retail experience with exquisite dining to fully immerse guests in the Moroccan culture, The Secret Souk site was brought to life. 

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