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Get Your Nails D.I.D

January 3, 2017

As an artist, licensed nail technician, conscious creative and hustler, Adrienne Blanks combined her skills and talents to meet her expectations of what nail polish should be. Complementary to your skin, strong coats and most importantly non toxic to our bodies. D.I.D. Nail Paint embodies Blank’s values with witty nail polish titles, stylish branding & mindful to ourselves and our planet.

What makes Get Your Nails D.I.D different from other brands?

D.I.D. Nail Paint is highly pigmented, eco- friendly, and complements the beautiful tone of your skin in 1 – 2 coats. There’s no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, dibutyl phthalate or camphor in D.I.D. Nail Paint – you know, those toxic chemicals that can be harmful to our bodies.

What is your “why”for starting “D.I.D. Nail Paint “?

I like to draw and paint and I’m also a licensed nail technician. I guess you can say that there was a point where the nail became my main canvas for a while. I was also tired of being let down when I purchased nail polish at the local drugstore or beauty store – so many times I’d get a new color and I’d be so excited until I put it on my nails and it would take 3 or 4 coats just to look like the color it is in the bottle! I wanted to create a brand that not only met the expectations of a nail polish lover, but also exceeded their expectations.

How does your brand represent who you are & your values

D.I.D. Nail Paint is a pretty, witty, sassy, classy nail color collection. It’s for the nail polish addict, the style conscious teen, the eco-chic creative professional, and anyone in between who loves vibrant self expression and eco-chic beauty products.

What has starting a business taught you most?

As a creative and artistic person, starting a business has taught me how to be comfortable with making mistakes (because you WILL make mistakes!) and it has also taught me how to focus. Over the years, I’ve had so many ideas that I never knew which one to start with first so I have been guilty of starting them all at the same time. Once I started my business, I had to learned how to honor my ideas by sketching them out or writing them down so that I can get them out of my head and put them on hold for a second. The plan is to always come back to the ideas and give them full attention when the time is right. It took a while to learn how to do that and not be impulsive all the time. In other words, when starting a business, planning is key.

What advice do you give aspiring entrepreneurs

I highly recommend taking business classes, there are many free classes out there offered by the Small Business Administration in every city. For the creative types, I highly recommend making a strong effort to understand your business finances. It’s important to wrap your head around your income and expenses or else all of this work you’re doing will be pointless if it doesn’t bring you any revenue.

What is your zodiac sign & how does it connect to who you are?

I am a proud Leo! And, I must say that the description of a Leo has so many parallels to who I am and how I act. Leo’s are usually very creative so I’m happy to be in good company with some great people. I also happen to share a birthday with a famous Leo, Whitney Houston – our birthday is August 9th. I’ve loved her music since I was a little girl and her music has inspired me in so many different ways. I’m also originally from Houston and I never met so many Leo’s until I moved to New York!

HQHB Team:

Model: Austria Oulla

Stylist: Ana Tess

Make Up: Juan Jaar

Hair: Jeorge Napoleon

Photographer: Xavier Scott Marshall

Producer: Natasha Garoosi

Stylists Credits

Look 1- grey hoodie (American Apparel) ring ( TopShop)

Look 2 – black track suit ( Zadig&Voltaire) chocker (Annelise Michelson)

Look 3 – blue track suit (Zadig & Voltaire) necklace (Annelise Michelson)

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