Ebonee Davis

October 5, 2016

Ebonee Davis not only has a striking outward appearance, she emanates strong resolve and the ability to transfer this spark of determination with her presence alone. Working in an industry who manufactures a fairly specific and predominately white projection of beauty, she eventually rejected submitting to the standards that caused her to “assimilate & adjust” her image by straightening and damaging her hair and committed to all natural.  This landed her a Calvin Klein campaign that’s publication coincided with the widely publicized Alton Sterling shooting. The story left an emotional impact that seeded the responsibility to bring awareness to the way media consumption affects the way people treat one another.

 Her character represents a distinctive shift in the route of society, merging into a unified trans-disciplinary culture where the lines are blurred between professions and collaboration is almost effortlessly accessible. Because of this we no longer have to present a conventional business model or professional image. This connection has allowed us to put ourselves out there and disintegrate the boundaries and stereotypes that have restricted true freedom of expression. She believes through social media we can depict our lives as “a demonstration of variety that humanity comes in.” Realness is what’s resonating, and as Ebony boldly embodied, authentic beauty is uncompromising.  Coming from a childhood wherein she with identified with superficial qualities, she propelled herself with a vision defiant of the circumstance that bound her to self-image. After witnessing how living honestly has  eradicated repression for herself, she is dedicated to restructuring the influence of culture on collective perception. 

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