DJ Chelsea Leyland Shares Her Story as an Advocate for Epilepsy & CBD

November 16, 2016

Chelsea Leyland, is living proof that only we can define our limitations. After being diagnosed as a teen with Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy, Leyland utilized what she calls a “gift” as fuel to pursue one of her goals of becoming a DJ. While late nights, flashing lights and crowds are not ideal for someone with epilepsy, these challenges did not limit her in any way. Leyland is well known for making fashion crowds and night life dance and smile to an eclectic mix of tunes but now, the British born beauty is combining her network with a deeper part of herself by bringing awareness to Epilepsy and its potential anecdote, CBD.

Epilepsy is a condition in the brain that causes seizures.

1 in 26 people in the United States will develop epilepsy at some point in their lifetime with one third of them living with uncontrollable seizures because no available treatment works for them.

While Leyland has experienced about 10 grand mal seizures in her life, her sister on the other hand was born with a type of Epilepsy that can have up to 15 seizures a day.

Leyland’s bold decision in sharing her journey, and vulnerabilities within an industry where this typically lacks is an awakening for all of us who need to own what we fear most about ourselves.

To bring awareness to epilepsy leyland created a bodysuit with Live the Process with the quote “for nowadays the world is lit by lightning” embroidered on the back. “The bodysuit is a reminder to treat your body with care, but remember that you have the power to turn your weakness into a strength.” A percentage of profits goes to

As Leyland continues to empower the masses with and without epilepsy, she is also educating people on the medicinal powers of cannabis oil. CBD, a hollistic alternative to pharmaceutical drugs follows no stereotypes of getting you stoned and has been extemely beneficial for patients suffering with inflammation, concussions, cancer, and all other sorts of illnesses. After being prescribed cocktails of drugs for years that helped Leyland avoid seizures but added other side effects, her transition to CBD has allowed her to feel better than ever with the powerful help of mother nature.

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